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Customer Comments

A Little Luck Farm is exactly what I was looking for. Attentive loving care for the animals and a relaxed atmosphere with fun, friendly, yet expert training in all aspects of horsemanship. -
Kevin Priest, June 2010

Little Luck Farm is my home away from home and my second family. The care free atmosphere makes it easy for horse people to come and have a ride and share a laugh. The trainers are amazing and make the lessons stress-free and fun.  The care for the horses is first rate and you couldn’t find a more comfortable place to board your horse. 

Jackie Young, October 2010

In 2005, I brought my horse to Little Luck Farm and immediately felt like part of the family.  Everybody is friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is so laid back, not to mention the top quality care all of the horses receive.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Brandi Orlando, November 2010

To all those moms and dads who are looking for a trainer that will encourage your child to do their best, work at their own speed and won't make you feel like you’re completely stupid while not taking every penny you have, look no further. I highly recommend Stacey and Julie Little. My daughter and I knew nothing about showing a horse (We trail ride). They took us right in and explained everything and encouraged both of us. Julie helped us the night before our first show and then she came to help us at the show. Julie also supplied us with odds and ends that we needed for the show. Just look at the picture...yes 50 ribbons in one summer! If you want a wall like this try Little Luck Farms
Carole Kenyon, February 2011
To Little Luck Farm: I absolutely love this place. Julie helped me so much with my first year in 4-H, horse shows and prepared me for the Lorain County Fair. We ended up having an awesome show season and plan to come back for another one. Thank you so much Julie and Stacy for letting me use your arena and helping me soooooo much!! Thanks again
Amanda Kenyon, February 2011
We are so happy with Stacy and Julie Little at A Little Luck Farm! We were able to purchase our first horse who was still a little green.  They not only were able to train our horse, but also, teach us to become confident riders and how to handle a horse on the ground and in the saddle. They are so generous with sharing their knowledge to us.  We couldn't recommend a better boarding, and training barn around!
Brenda Adams, April 2011